Essay: Paint & Cosmetics

Paint and Cosmetics a project entirely written by Anton Johansson, 8E written in physics in autumn 2006     Cosmetics Cosmetics and its ingredients Cosmetics are mixtures used for enhancing human body, such as face, hair, lips and nails. You may also include things such as perfumes, which’s ingredients are esters, alcohols andoils, with smell […]

Story: Akira (incomplete)

1: Stilla Natt, Brinnande Natt   En blick ned i golvet, en onaturligt hög suck och ett framtvingat, matt leende. Akira Motusuwu reste huvudet frÃ¥n marken, drog ännu en sÃ¥dan där hög suck och satte sig ned pÃ¥ marken. Det var snart dags, alldeles snart. Bara nÃ¥gra förberedelser kvar. Bara lite övning pÃ¥ saken först. […]

Psalm Number 1

Psalms is a project I am working on, a collection of poems named ”Psalm Number …” in cronological order. please just leave me walk away before I break another heart Since my youth, since the start I’ve been playing with emotions every lover of mine is gone forever lost in my translation they try to […]

Story: Tömd (Incomplete)

I found this short story from early this year. Apparently, it wasn’t finished. So I guess I’ll sit down finishing it right now. So long. Jag lät rockmusiken nÃ¥ mina öron i samma sekund som jag steg pÃ¥ bussen. De sÃ¥g pÃ¥ mig när jag steg pÃ¥. Det lÃ¥nga, stretiga hÃ¥ret, Lordi-tröjan jag bar och […]