Dream: Killing My Great Grandmother

This was truly an awful dream.

We were having something like a wedding or similar. Anyway, my entire family was gathered. Suddenly, I started bashing my great grandmother Britta’s head into the wall. She got dizzy, and everyone stared at me, without taking actions. Suddenly, she fainted, and my mom helped her get to a bench to sit on. I was related to everyone as I am, but my name was Mohammad, and not Anton. Britta pointed at me, and her eyes were blurry and red/pink. She cried to my mom to get me out of there. She was upset, but told me to go out of the room. No-one at all in the large crowd reacted, they just stood there. I watched Britta and mom, standing together with two younger cousins of mine. Britta at last died. She’s an old woman, 86.
”Am I going to jail?” I asked my cousins.
”Yes”, the older one said.
”At least eight years” the other said.

Then I woke up, crying, still believing i had killed her. It took about three minutes before i realised it was a dream.

Homeworks & Death Note #4

Well, that’s some homeworks again. I have to finish an essay about a part of Louis Sachars book Holes in English, till tomorrow. Then I have to study some Spanish, too. Oh my god, why do I sit here, blogging?

Hannes, a classmate, told me that he had started listening to Metallica, so my next goal in life is turning him to my side of music!

After school, I bought the manga Death Note part 4 in English at the comic store Seriebörsen. I can’t wait to read it… hey, wait! Studying, studying, focus on the studying…


Spirits of The Dead: Tales and Poems

As a late christmas gift, I was given two books by gothic writer Edgar Allan Poe. The books were Spirits of The Dead: Tales and Poems and Selected Tales.

E. A. Poe lived between 1809 and 1849 and wrote novels, poems and short stories. So far my favorites of his stories are The Raven and The Black Cat.



What religion should I choose?

I have always been shifting religion. The larger part of my life, I have been either a Protestant or a Catholist, but there are lots of parts about the Christian religions that I don’t like, such as the hate against homosexuals and so on.

I’m thinking of continuing obeying the Circism, a religion which I founded in spring 2006. The basic is that every animal (human and other) has got the exact same amount of karma, and therefore is as much worth. From the beginning, off course. Then, future choices and events decides the final karma (like in Buddhism). In circism, it is not allowed to kill another creature just for fun, but hunting is OK, if it is planned to use the animal in ways such as eating it or using the fur. Also, there is no god, but a Holy Spirit, which always surround us and judges our karma after the death. The logo, which is shown below, stands for the reincarnational circle, and the Holy Spirit which controls it all from inside. Find more information at circism.mangaworld.se



Cuties & Avril Lavigne


Tim’s girlfriend, Natima, is here during the weekend. They are too cute, I can’t stand it… I just miss Emmy.

We are also celebrating Tim’s 17th birthday later today, so my entire family comes here.

By the way, I downloa… uhum, I… ”bought” an album with Avril Lavigne (The Diamond Collection). I used to listen to Avril half a year ago, she’s great. She looks something like this:

Avril Lavigne

PS. Did I tell you how great I am at The Gimp? DS.


New Random Words & Even More Snow

As my loyal readers have noticed, I have some random sentences under Aki’s Blog on every page. It used to be 11 of them, now there are 15. I will keep on making new ones, that’s okay?I had my biology test today, and I think I passed. I’m not that good at biology, so I won’t get the greatest grade.

There’s also snowing a lot! It has been snowing all day, but it stopped as i went home from school at 3 pm. I can’t make a snowman in real life, but I drew one in The Gimp!



Tea Abstinence

I need some tea. ;_; I haven’t had tea for about an hour, not more. Still, I need I need I need tea. I need coffe as well, but I’m trying to quit drinking coffe. Anyway, I drew a nice cup of tea! Mwaha, it’s great, isn’t it? And by the way, don’t ask me why the tea is gray.

A teacup


Psalm Number 4

Psalms is a project I am working on, a collection of poems named “Psalm Number …� in cronological order.

I understand you are hurt
and I know how you feel
but death is no solution
and neither is the pain

no matter when you fall
no matter when you cut yourself
no matter when you bleed
I will stop you from dying
I will stop your fall
I will use my arm as a protection to yours
and I will stop that blood of yours
from bleeding