What religion should I choose? I have always been shifting religion. The larger part of my life, I have been either a Protestant or a Catholist, but there are lots of parts about the Christian religions that I don’t like, such as the hate against homosexuals and so on. I’m Läs mer

Cuties & Avril Lavigne

Hi. Tim’s girlfriend, Natima, is here during the weekend. They are too cute, I can’t stand it… I just miss Emmy. We are also celebrating Tim’s 17th birthday later today, so my entire family comes here. By the way, I downloa… uhum, I… ”bought” an album with Avril Lavigne (The Läs mer

Psalm Number 4

Psalms is a project I am working on, a collection of poems named “Psalm Number …â€? in cronological order. I understand you are hurt and I know how you feel but death is no solution and neither is the pain no matter when you fall no matter when you cut Läs mer