Song #10: Stand Alone Complex

standing alone time to die creeping soon time to cry I’m all alone imprisoned for life no-one is human no-one is sane thoughts of dying thoughts of death thoughts of destruction thoughts of my wrath stand alone complex afraid of this non-love stand alone complex no human warmth for life Läs mer

Song #9: Get A Grip

GET A GRIP – AKI 2006.12.20 he betrayed you long ago you used to be his lover now, your a waiter, driver, hooker and a cook you sit around and cry cut a wound with that knife opening a new scar wish that you would die get a grip of Läs mer

Song #8: Fight The End

we can’t accept what just must happen tell me will we accept what’s about to happen to us to our love the end is possible to rearrange let’s go ahead and kill the end must all the good things have a end must every relation end follow me we’ll fight Läs mer