Nightwish – Eva lyrics

At last. I have waited a long time (okay, two days) for the lyrics of Nightwish’s newly released single Eva to be out on the net 6:30 winter morn Snow keeps falling, silent dawn A rose by any other name Eva leaves her Swanbrook home A kindest heart which always Läs mer

Star Wars 30 Years

Today, one of my absolute favorite film series, Star Wars have been prominent to the world for thirty whole years. On May 25, 1977, Star Wars IV: A New Hope, the first film out of six, was released to cinemas. In my opinion, it is obvious that the first three Läs mer

Categories and Tags

Earlier, I only had lots of categories on Aki’s Blog. Though, I have now decided to have tags instead, and a couple of larger categories. Every blog post will be included into one of the main categories – Aki’s Blog, Essays, Literary Works, Reviews and Uncategorized – but they will Läs mer


Since I have not been too active on this blog, there was by now 621 unmoderated comments which I, as I sincerely hope you understand, decided not to read at all. If there were any serious comments (I don\’t think so, actually), I\’m sorry. I will be more active from Läs mer

Riddle: The Club

A friend of mine linked to a blog with a riddle, which I never solved, but had to look in the comments for the answer. It’s wonderful, try to solve it. :) There’s a club. Anyone can join the club. If they can answer the doormans question. A man who Läs mer