Nightwish – Eva lyrics

At last. I have waited a long time (okay, two days) for the lyrics of Nightwish’s newly released single Eva to be out on the net 6:30 winter morn Snow keeps falling, silent dawn A rose by any other name Eva leaves her Swanbrook home A kindest heart which always made Me ashamed of my […]

My Thoughts Concerning Eva and Nightwish’ Latest Year in General

In 2004, Finnish symphonic power metal band Nightwish released their fifth studio album, Once, leading to a giant world tour. After the last concert, the members of Nightwish wrote an open letter which officially fired the lead singer, Tarja Turunen, leading to a giant debate; the name of Nightwish have become famous because of the […]

Flash Element TD

Through a friend’s blog, I found this wonderful flash game, which I’m totally addicted to. Flash Element TD is a flash game inspired by the Warcraft III TD (Tower Defense). The aim of the game is to kill all monsters (bosses, goblins, birds etcetera) walking through a maze by shooting at them with war towers […]


Since I have not been too active on this blog, there was by now 621 unmoderated comments which I, as I sincerely hope you understand, decided not to read at all. If there were any serious comments (I don\’t think so, actually), I\’m sorry. I will be more active from now and forwards. Don\’t be […]

Riddle: The Club

A friend of mine linked to a blog with a riddle, which I never solved, but had to look in the comments for the answer. It’s wonderful, try to solve it. 🙂 There’s a club. Anyone can join the club. If they can answer the doormans question. A man who wants to join stands near […]