Yet another weblog created. I just started my new serial novel ”Unburdened”, to be updated with one chapter every Monday and Friday. Read or become exterminated, fellows.

– Aki

Nightwish – While Your Lips Are Still Red

A few hours ago, Nightwish released the video their latest song, which will be included to their ”Amaranth” single (due to their album Dark Passion Play) on August 22. The song, ”While Your Lips are Still Red” is incredible, Anette doesn’t do the vocals but Marco does, and he’s greater than ever. And Tuomas truly rules the keyboards…

Rest in Peace, Povel Ramel

The fifth of June, one of the biggest entertainers all through history passed away. 85 years old, Swedish musician and comedian Povel Ramel calmly passed away in his home, suffering from heartache resulting in a pacemaker installed in April. In almost seventy years, Povel Ramel entertained the world, primarily Swedes. I will miss him. I can’t quite laugh at his songs anymore. It doesn’t feel right that he died, I can’t understand it. Povel Ramel was the symbol of happiness, light and life – if he was a symbol for life, then how can he pass on? I will finish this by quoting the Master himself, in his Swedish poem Underbart är Kort.

Bara enda ros på ett evigt klänge,

så är livet, trist varar länge,

men underbart är kort, alldeles för kort.

Följer du ödets väg genom dunkla gränder,

når dig solen en glimt i sänder

ty underbart är kort, alldeles för kort.

PÃ¥ var sommaräng du finner bara en lyckoklöver – nÃ¥gonstans

och likaså en enda gång du möter just den vän du behöver, så ta din chans

men fort innan den flyr bort, underbart är kort, alldeles för kort.

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I have now created yet another website, this time called Chords. The website offers free chords and lyrics to all kinds of instruments, everything from piano to the oboe. Chords to two songs are gathered so far, Led Zeppelin’s ”Stairway to Heaven” and Sonata Arctica’s ”Shamandalie”. Be my guest.