"Amaranth" lyrics

Nightwish’s next single, ”Amaranth” from their ”Dark Passion Play” will be released on August 22. A few days ago, it was leaked entirely unto the Internet, and here are the lyrics. Even though you can listen to it already for free, please buy the single as well as the entire album, to support the band. […]

Evanescence broke up?

Due to a friend of mine, one of my favorite bands, Evanescence broke up a couple of weeks ago. What? I can’t find any information about it on the Internet, and as their touring schedule is full for the summer they probably reunited pretty quick then. So there are two alternatives. Either I was told […]

The Leak of "Dark Passion Play"

I read in the news that hundreds of peoples got killed due to the bombings in the Middle East, I don’t care that much about it and the next hour or so it is forgotten. I then go home, log in to the usual sites on the Internet and what do I find. Yes. That’s […]