Film Review: Hide and Seek

Horror, USA 2005When David Callaway‘s wife commits suicide, he and his daughter Emily moves from town. As a result of the trauma, Emily creates the imaginary friend Charlie, who by time grows to take over Emily’s life and become more and more dangerous…Really a cool and original film. Boring in some parts, and I don’t […]

Film Review: Ondskan

Drama, Sweden 2003, ”Evil””Ondskan” is a film based upon Jan Guillou’s bestselling novel with the same name, which itself is based upon Guillou’s childhood, and the main character Erik Ponti is according to Guillou himself. Throughout the film, the sountrack is most silence, but in some scenes, it is the echoed music from when Erik’s […]

Dark Passion Play – full album review

On September 28th this year, Finnish symphonic power metal group Nightwish produced their sixth and latest studio album, featuring their brand new vocalist Anette Olzon, Dark Passion Play. An album which in my opinion is their greatest ever, even though some songs would have been much better with Tarja Turunen (Nightwish’s last vocalist from 1996 […]

Film review: Freddy VS. Jason

Splatter horror, USA 2003You could expect such a mix of two film series (Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street) to be of quite poor quality, so I was truly surprised. It’s great. Special effects are acceptable (I’ve never cared too much about special effects what so ever), and acting is, especially by […]


Do you need to be an alcoholic to understand such a problem, to understand an alcoholic? Do you have to have tried to commit suicide to understand depression? If so is – damn. A horror writer not going through troubles such as losing relatives or having drinking problems, well, that’s me. Sounds quite strange, I […]

Letter to Weed – a Work on John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men

This is a project I did for English in school a month ago, reading John Steinbeck’s classic novel ”Of Mice and Men”. It is a fictive letter from George and Lennie’s new boss in Soledad to their old boss in Weed. My received grade was 17, in the Swedish system about VG+ / MVG (the […]

"Opening the Curtains" on YouTube

A video of me playing my song ”Opening the Curtains” on guitar has now been uploaded to Youtube (the tabs were uploaded to The Hopes Were High a few days ago). Link to the video on YouTube Tabs for the song A video of me playing my song ”Opening the Curtains” on guitar has now […]