I recently discovered a new band. It’s a really good gothic-doom metal band called To/Die/For, from southeastern Finland. Check them out on their page at or go download / buy their music somewhere. They are currently looking for a new label so they need all help they can get selling albums; i. e., buy their albums if you find them! I can’t… :/

Their vocalist is a bit weird (at least the voice…) but give him a try! This is the second doom metal band I’ve liked, the other one being My Dying Bride, and To/Die/For are much better 🙂 Started listening the day before yesterday, still listening with barely any interruptions. ^^

I especially like songs like Little Deaths, Jaded and Fragmented.
You’ve got to at least try them. PLEASE!<3

Concert Review: Nightwish 4/12 -07

On the 4th of December this year I saw one of my absolute favorite bands, symphonic power metal quartet Nightwish, live as they performed in Stockholm during their Dark Passion Play tour.

This was definitely the greatest concert I’ve been to; before, I’ve seen Within Temptation (April 21, 2007) and some minor, Swedish bands, mostly folk/rock/pop bands, so I count this as my second metal concert. I liked it much more than the WT concert not only because Nightwish’s a better band, but also because of the effects; Nightwish is famous for the explosive fireworks in their concerts, and I can’t deny that. I was standing about ten to fifteen meters from the stage, and still I always felt the fire almost burning my face.

I miss former vocalist Tarja Turunen like everyone else, but even though I never saw Nightwish live with her, IÂ judge from the clips I’ve seen (especially End of an Era) that her replacement Anette Olzon is way better live.
They mostly played songs from the new album Dark Passion Play, as expected, but still they played several old hit songs: Planet Hell, Nemo, Wish I Had an Angel, Wishmaster and Ever Dream as I can recall. From the album, they played for example Cadence of Her Last Breath, Amaranth, Bye Bye Beautiful, The Poet and the Pendulum, Whoever Brings the Night and 7 Days to the Wolves. The greatest hilight for me was when they played the epic masterpiece 7 Days to the Wolves, one of my absolute favorite songs by the band, as the first encore (Wish I Had an Angel as the second and last).

I also have to admit that there was a fabolous feeling when all the lights were turned off, and suddenly a spotlight in the middle of the stage on bassist/male vocalist Marco Hietala with an acoustic guitar, starting to play The Islander…

Back in Black

I haven’t written anything here for a while, and for that I’m sorry. To repay you, I have updated the ”About Aki” page, and I will probably order a new domain,, within a few days!