Too Fast

Is it just me, or is the time moving incredibly fast? A minute ago it was early December and everything was more or less calm. Now it’s late January. When someone gratuated me at my name-day (17th January), I replied ”huh? But my name-day is in January, not November!”. What Läs mer

Can it Be Better?

Okay, I’m sick, but it seems like it does have pros! I just got the films I ordered from! The first film is Joel Schumacher’s 2004 film based upon Andrew Lloyd Webber’s masterpiece musical with the same name; The Phantom of the Opera! The other film is a filmed Läs mer

Long Lost Love

I wrote this poem between the 16th and 19th of January, 2008. Hush, my dear Let the winter whisper its message Don’t say a word As we wander through the ages In this winter wonderland I can’t sleep When we lay down in the wintery world Don’t try to breathe Läs mer

Simone Simons infected with MSRA

Symphonic metal band Epica’s singer Simone Simons is infected with MSRA, a difficultly treated disease, and they have been forced to cancel all the February shows. This is nothing that affects me as I had no plans in seeing them during February, but I’m still worried to death for the Läs mer