Realm of Reality (short story)

A short story written for school, loosely based on a real life experiance. The fierce blade of the axe dissected the branch, leaving it to helplessly fall to the ground. I kicked it, as the fallen warrior it was, deserving neither dignity nor compassion. I smiled, held he axe steadily in my hands and let […]

Worth a listen

How can Sonata Arctica keep producing songs with such a happy melody and so goddamn sad lyrics? It doesn’t fit at all, but it’s cool. Nightwish is the total opposite, the lyrics always fit with the melody / music. Just look at Sonata songs like The Rest of the Sun Belongs to Me (lyrics right […]

Nightwish – The Islander

It has come to my information that Nightwish’ next single will be The Islander, released on May 30, 2008. Quite a good choice since I expected something along the lines with Cadence of Her Last Breath (one of their most listened songs from Dark Passion Play according to, and of the easily listened shape). […]

Nightwish – Tavastia bootleg

Sandra just sent me Nightwish’ unofficial Tavastia bootleg, a twenty song live recording from September 26, 2007 – their second concert with Anette. A great set of songs, great sound and all! It also featured how the band was given the Platinum Awards for their Dark Passion Play album. It’s great to hear Anette sing […]

Run to Creek Mary! (and her blood)

Today I realised how similar the lyrics to Nightwish’ song ”Creek Mary’s Blood” and Iron Maiden’s ”Run to the Hills” are. Ofcourse there’s the first similarity that both of the songs treat the extermination of Indians from the Indians’ point of view, but there’s actually more. Creek Mary’s Blood White man came Saw the blessed […]

The Classical Conspiracy

Dutch symphonic metal band Epica will be performing a classical show with symphonic orchestra and choir in the Miskolc International Opera Festival, in Hungary on the fourth of June 14, 2008. On this concert, which they call ”The Classical Conspiracy” (from their latest album’s title), Epica and the orchestrea will perform classical pieces from Mozart, […]

Nightwish – Bye Bye Beautiful

Today, Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish released their third single from their Dark Passion Play album, ”Bye Bye Beautiful” (preceded by ”Eva” in May 2007 and ”Amaranth” in August). This is clearly the best single of the album, and one of the best songs, together with for example ”The Poet and the Pendulum”, ”Sahara” and […]

The Two Dogs

English essay on how Candy’s dog foreshadowed Lennie’s death in John Steinbeck’s book Of Mice and Men. Finished on December 14th, 2007. Long before the death of Candy’s old dog, several references between the lines suggest its faith – as well as, later revealed, Lennie’s.             The first time the dog is ever mentioned, on […]

Den osynliga väggen – bokanalys

Januari 2008 Den då 96-årige Harry Bernstein fick en sen bokdebut när han 2007 kom ut med sin roman ”Den osynliga väggen” (”The Invisble Wall”, USA), vilken han började skriva 2004 för att behandla sorgen efter hans hustrus död. Han arbetar just nu med en uppföljare, ”Drömmen” (”The Dream”), som kommer att handla om hur […]