Daylight saving time tonight

Here we go again. At 02:00 tonight, we turn the clocks an hour (to 03:00) due to the daylight saving. Since 2 is about the time I go to bed on weekends, it will feel like I’m going to bed really late tonight. Damn it. Oh well, since I have rehearsal on Monday 12:00 I’m […]

The Islander's cover

So, Nightwish has finally released the cover to their next single – The Islander, due to release on May 21, as I mentioned in another blog entry. A nice cover (as always from Nightwish), a beautiful song and probably a great music video (to be released on April 14). I honestly don’t think they´ll ever […]

Simone Simons' health

Goddamnit… From Epica’s offical website: ”After having had a couple of weeks of rest we were very much hoping that Simone’s situation would have improved already. Unfortunately the last MRSA test was still positive and also the infections still haven’t stopped completely. We have the feeling Simone’s health is improving but unfortunately not enough yet. […]

Lab Report on Energy 2

Lab Report on Energy Anton Johansson, 9E 2. The Light Bulb and the Plates   2.1 Planning 2.1.1 Description of Lab The second lab on thermal energy was to understand how fast light emitted thermal energy to objects around – in this case three plates of different colour.                       The light bulb is to be […]

Lab Report on Energy

Lab Report on Energy Anton Johansson, 9E 1. Water and Insulation 1.1. Planning 1.1.1 Description of Lab What change of temperature drop will there be if the object is insulated differently? This question was to be answered as the lab was made. A bottle of water is warmed up with a bunsen burner, and the […]

Hemkunskap: Bostadskunskap

Bostadskunskap Mitt första boende I framtiden är mitt mål att arbeta som läkare, tills vidare har jag inte tänkt mer än lite grann på specialisering eller att arbeta kommunalt eller privat, därför är det svårt att avgöra min lön. Som AT-läkare är medianlönen 25 000 per månad och den lägsta möjliga är 22 500. Som […]