Instuderingsuppgifter. Allt är skyddat av upphovsrättslagen, och att utge dig för att vara författaren till detta är ett brott som kan leda till domstol. 1. Hur fungerade systemet med Pater familias och Mater familias?Pater familias eller mater familias är mannen alternativt kvinnan som var överhuvudet i familjen, och var en slags förmyndare över alla andra […]

Monty Python live at the Hollywood Bowl (1982)

 In 1982, Monty Python filmed a concert performed at the Hollywood Bowl, a concert with a perfect mix of their most famous sketches as well as new material written especially for the concert.It’s  a show with some of my absolute favorite sketches, including the Lumberjack Song, the Ministry of Silly Walks and Nudge Nudge, and […]

Naturkunskap: Instuderingsfrågor

Diverse frågor och svar angående naturkunskap.  Förklara begreppet ekologi.Ekologi är den vetenskap som beskriver samspelet mellan levande organismer och dess miljöer, till exempel hur de påverkas av överlevnadsfaktorer såsom näringstillgång, ljus, syre, naturliga fiender med mera. Kort sagt kan man säga att ekologi är vetenskapen om hur naturen fungerar utan människans inblandning. Förklara begreppet art.Djur […]


September 11th is here again. I can’t think of the date without recalling the two events shedding blood upon it. The 911 bombings in the States in 2001, and the murder of Swedish foreign minister Anna Lindh in 2003. The latter might not seem like a big event, yet its fifth anniversary fills up the Swedish papers […]

Nightwish to release photobook: "Dark Passion Gallery"

Finnish symphonic power metal band Nightwish has reported their forthcoming release of a photojournal by Ville Akseli Juurikkala (photographer of bands such as HIM, Apocalyptica and The 69 Eyes), with photos from their 2007 – 2008 Dark Passion Play Tour, entitled Dark Passion Gallery. Gah, a wasteless thing, sure, but I still NEED it. €25. Cannot… […]

Sonata Arctica fallback

After barely listening to one of my top favorite bands ever, Finnish power metal Sonata Arctica, for almost half a year, I’ve fallen back again – ofcourse resulting in listening to them almost exclusively. Especially their latest album Unia (2007) has caught my attention, and it all started as I heard the bonus track ”Out […]

Top manga series right now

I really don’t read much manga (anymore, I was a real diehard mangafreak in 2005-2006), but since this blog after all have the URL I thought I had to write something about manga just once. And btw, that URL it temporary, and if I could afford it I’d get another one ( or whatever). […]

Wish I Had an Angel and Bye Bye Beautiful part of a story?

Hint-hint! I don’t think you ought to read this journal unless you’re more or less all-knowing about the story of Tarja Turunen being kicked out of Nightwish in 2005, and their new singer Anette Olzon, who joined them in 2007. I know very well I’m a geek, so shut the fuck up about telling me. […]

Google Chrome

 I just downloaded and installed the beta version of Google’s long awaited new browser Google Chrome, and it’s great. Ofcourse it’s just a beta version, but I can’t see much to change. Its simple design is great and it leaves lots of room for the actual webpage and less to useless fields of the program. […]

The Twilight Zone

I have heard a lot of the original ”The Twilight Zone” series, running from 1959 – 1964, and I finally downloaded it entirely (24,1 GB, gah) yesterday and watched the first episode (”Where is Everybody”), and it was great.  The Twilight Zone was a series of  free-standing episodes of horror, fantasy and science-fiction, and lots […]