Quote of the Day XV

”Hey, it’s destroying all the other toys! Why is it doing that?!” ”It must have been programmed to it?” ”What, you mean like Microsoft?” – Bart and Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons) ”Hey, it’s destroying all the other toys! Why is it doing that?!” ”It must have been programmed to it?” ”What, you mean like Microsoft?” […]

Quote of the Day XIV / Happy Yule!

Tell me how many times can this story be told  After all of these years it should all sound so old  But it somehow rings true in the back of my mind  As i search for a dream that words can no longer define  Trans-Siberian Orchestra – What Child is This? Tell me how many […]


The last few days I’ve been running in and out of music stores looking for a new keyboard. I have got a really great one, a relatively new Yamaha PSR-S500, as it is, but for playing a lot of my music I need two keyboards at once. I was first thinking whether to buy a cheap one […]

Beauty and the Beast

I watched Disney’s 1991 film Beauty and the Beast today, for the first time since I was little. I was in love with Belle back then, and when I watched it again I recalled all those feelings again. It’s still one of the most beautiful films ever made, except I hate the ending. That Beast […]

Video Clip of the Day: George Carlin on religion

George Carlin is a pretty good comedian, and even though this clip isn’t the funniest in the world, he really knows how to put the one simple fact: there is not one fact nor reason of there being a god. I don’t see why there would be a god. I’m an agnostic, and thus I’m […]

Soap operas

Your standard soap opera season is divided into three parts of episodes, which themselves are divided into a total of five parts altogether. Although they’re defined as thirds, they’re not necessarily as long; the mid-part is usually the longest, and the last part is probably just between two and four episodes. The first third holds […]

Gustav Vasa och hans söner

Stockholms blodbad Efter 1397 och över 120 år framåt var Sverige i union med Norge och Danmark. Den så kallade Kalmarunionen var hårt kritiserad i Sverige, och landet var mer eller mindre helt uppdelat i motståndare och stödjare av unionen. Kristian I hade sedan mitten på 1400-talet varit härskande kung i Danmark och Norge, och […]

Made in Hong Kong (And Various Other Places)

As I reported earlier, the next release by symphonic metal band Nightwish will be their live EP/DVD with the odd name ”Made in Hong Kong (And Various Other Places)” to be released in March of 2009 (some sources claim the 6th, some the 16th, but officially it’s just ”March”. The official press letter was rather […]

Sweden Rock Festival 2009

Sweden Rock Festival will start rocking and rolling on the 3rd of June, 2009, and I’ll be there in the front row cheering when I see Dream Theater, In Flames, Hammerfall, Europe, Motörhead… and the 50 bands that will be added to the list in time. See you in Norje, Sölvesborg on the third. Sweden […]