Hopes Were High – Among Crows and Gods

About a week ago I released my second EP with my solo project Hopes Were High, Among Crows and Gods, for free download on Last.fm. I hope you’ll enjoy it.   Lilith’s Last Poem Gods of this World Skam Them Crimson Bites The Water Lily About a week ago I released my second EP with […]

Instuderingsfrågor om Sverige under Stormaktstiden 1648 – 1721

Kristina 1626 – 1689 (1644 – 1654) 1. Hur styrdes Sverige under Kristinas tid som omyndig? Liksom Gustav II Adolf hade Kristina en förmyndarregering, som i hennes fall styrdes av Axel Oxenstierna. När hon sedan besteg tronen blev han hennes assistent och rådgivare. 2. Vad gjorde Kristina för det svenska folket? Kristina var aldrig särskilt […]

Is the accordion Italian?

I’m doing a work on the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna for Italian class, and reading through a text I read: ”Venture out into the countryside on a Saturday night and you’re bound to hear the strains of a polka or mazurka, played on a local invention: the accordion.”  Since when is the accordion Italian, and […]

Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)

2008 film Journey to the Center of the Earth starts out – as I unfortunately already expected due to IMDb as your standard kid-and-divorced-dad-don’t-agree-yet-are-forced-to-be-together-for-a-weekend-and-suddenly-agree-after-all-and-then-they-live-happily-ever-after. 13-year-old Sean (Josh Hutscherson) is forced to live with his uncle Trevor (Brendan Fraser) for ten days, while neither likes the idea one bit. It is soon revealed that Sean’s father […]

Star Wars

I’ve always been a big fan of Star Wars, ever since I was a little kid. I remember having a shirt from the film trilogy that’s way too little now, and I still have figures of the characters with moveable arms and legs, as well as a Falcon ship toy. After re-watching Episodes I, II […]