Marabou cheats

For anyone that doesn’t know, Marabou‘s traditional milk chocolate bars are divided into squares. It’s not a newsflash that this is a huge cheat, but I don’t think I realised the size of it until now.

I have a chocolate bar I’m currently eating, which was unfortunately melted in a car and later put in the fridge for a day, until now. The bar was entirely melted, and thus the squares are no longer recognisable, resulting in the bar only cover three fourths of its plastic container. One fourth! That’s the amount of space wasted on these squares!

We are constantly tricked into believing that bigger containers mean bigger portions of food or drink. I am obviously quite upset with all those companies right now.

SuperTux bug report

Playing SuperTux, I have so far found two bugs. I don’t know if they’re widely known, but anyway:

1. When you die (through touching an enemy / trap), the system first records your amount of lives left, and then checks if you have <0, and if you do it shows the game over-thingie and so forth. Bug: If you press escape while in the air after being killed (before the game over sign comes up) and choose Abort Level, you lose a life but the game over thingie never shows up and you never lose all your points. In other words, dying in this manner with your last life allows you to continue playing with -1 life. Next time, you get -2, etcetera.

2. I don’t quite know why this is, but still: If you choose to destroy an old save (pressing the delete button while in the Start Game mode), and then start a new game in one of the empty slots, you still have your old amount of lives and points from the last save. I don’t know why this is, but it doesn’t work if you quit the game in between deleting the save and beginning the new.

Hopes Were High's third album available online now

I’ve now released my third album through my solo project Hopes Were High, available for free online!

Alike my previous album Among Crows and Gods, the new album These Hours of Conclusion has very bad quality, but hopefully you can see past this.

  1. These Hours of Conclusion
  2. Eris Quod Sum
  3. Ode to Grimnir
  4. Beauty’s Last Endavour, Act I – Overture
  5. Beauty’s Last Endavour, Act II – Evenfall, Edenfall
  6. After Forever
  7. Mystica

Dream: Failing random generation

Weird dream. Very weird dream.

For some reason, I was at the entry of the most luxurous casino of Las Vegas. I had imagined you had to be really welldressed, welthy or whatever to enter, but when I reached the door, the guard just asked me one question: ”Can you randomly generate three different number?”

I was shocked. ”That’s easy”, I thought, and said the numbers 3, 12 and 26.

Within moments I was grabbed from behind, dragged down in the dirt and suddenly I had handcufs and a blindfold. I lost conciousness and woke up minutes later in a cold prison cell with great metallic bars. Apparantly the cell was placed not far from the entry, because I saw the people passing through the gates, after being asked the question and after successfully generating three random numbers.

When I woke up I spent the entire bike ride to school (about twenty minutes) thinking about the dream, realising it’s impossible to generate a random number for a human being as a human’s thoughts are constantly bombarded by feelings and associations.

For example, the numbers I unconciously choose (3, 12, 26) are all low numbers (humans takes lower numbers since it’s harder thinking of higher ones), and they are in order by size. I don’t exactly know why this is, but I often happen to choose numbers in size. Probably it’s because I think ”oh, that’s not high enough, I unconsiously choose low numbers so I have to try a bit higher”.

I can’t wait until I start reading the discrete course of maths.