Marabou cheats

For anyone that doesn’t know, Marabou‘s traditional milk chocolate bars are divided into squares. It’s not a newsflash that this is a huge cheat, but I don’t think I realised the size of it until now. I have a chocolate bar I’m currently eating, which was unfortunately melted in a car and later put in […]

Hopes Were High's third album available online now

I’ve now released my third album through my solo project Hopes Were High, available for free online! Alike my previous album Among Crows and Gods, the new album These Hours of Conclusion has very bad quality, but hopefully you can see past this. These Hours of Conclusion Eris Quod Sum Ode to Grimnir Beauty’s Last […]

Dream: Failing random generation

Weird dream. Very weird dream. For some reason, I was at the entry of the most luxurous casino of Las Vegas. I had imagined you had to be really welldressed, welthy or whatever to enter, but when I reached the door, the guard just asked me one question: ”Can you randomly generate three different number?” I […]