I’m a WoW geek

So it’s happened – I downloaded the free ten day World of Warcraft trial from Battle.net. It was Natima and Hina who convinced me, and it’s actually pretty fun. I’ve only played for a few hours, but I already consider the possibility of buying it when my trial runs out. Läs mer

Faulty Gmail HTML

I recently joined Google’s mail client Gmail, and I have to say it works phenomenal. However, I just saw some faulting HTML in the footer when logged in, where my pointer is in the screenshot to the right. I guess this link is supposed to point to http://www.google.com, but instead Läs mer


Vilken tidningen trillade ned i posten igår om inte Serieparaden? Serieparaden! Serieparaden! Med serierna: Berglins (1/10) De flygande McCoys (1/10) Monty (1/10) Bizarro (1/10) Get Fuzzy (1/10) Scary Gary (1/10) Sigges Lagun (1/10) Fård (1/10) Irrvägen (1/10) Dilbert (1/10) Brewster Rockit (1/10) Fingerpori (1/10) De professionella (1/10) Knight Life (1/10) Läs mer

Selected Googlings of late

”det blir svårt att köpa mjölk” ”sleep is an illusion” dungeons n dragons vampire ”how old do diatoms get” is a line of deathless kings about vampires nosferatu prince of persia sands of time tutorial sad animation simpsons strangulation the vampyre vampire starcraft cd key Why all the vampires?

Quote of the Day #16

From my grave to wander I am forced Still to seek the God’s long server’d link, Still to love the bridegroom I have lost, And the lifeblood of his heart to drink. Quote from one of the earliest vampire tales, The Bride of Corinth (1797) by Goethe. I’ve always loved Läs mer