Roland AX-Synth – ordered

So I have finally ordered a Roland AX-Synth! Apart from a continuum, this is my one instrument I need before I die. I have dreamed of it for so long, but just couldn’t afford it.

And awesomeness isn’t enough to describe it.

Aardvark – When just fucking googling doesn’t do it

I’ve been using Aardvark for about half a year now, answering a few questions on the simpler types of programming, mathematics et cetera, and asking two or three. Answer always comes within two or three minutes.

As Aadvark is described by Wikipedia:

Aardvark is a social search service that connects users live with friends or friends-of-friends who are able to answer their questions. Users submit questions via the Aardvark website, email or instant messenger and Aardvark identifies and facilitates a live chat or email conversation with one or more topic experts in the asker’s extended social network. Users can also review question and answer history and other settings on the Aardvark website.