Simpler solutions

The computer’s sound just didn’t work. And earlier today I actually dropped the computer – for the first time, I should add. I also recently updated to the second Ubuntu 10.04 ???beta, and I started to panic—what was broken, what was wrong? I checked through the configurations and the drivers, tried out two different headphones and one external loudspeaker, googled around. I then tried rebooting the computer, and whoopsidoopsi it worked. Sometimes I just wish I’d start tackling every problem with rebooting.


I just finished reading the last issue of Crossed (Garth Ennis / Jacen Burrows), and it was the best ending I could have hoped for. A wonderful series coming to an end, now I’m just waiting for the paperback.

Film review: Veronika Decides to Die (2009)

The book is a true masterpiece, but the movie?

This is simply a book that couldn’t be filmed. Not because of ?special effects or anything, but simply because of the tons of inner dialogues. This film is more or less a series of bland characters walking around in a bland background with a too simple storyline that doesn’t pay off until the very end. Although this ending is well-made and clever, it’s simply not worth two hours of bore before that.?

Film review: Alice in Wonderland (2010)

I stepped into the cinema with a mixture of expectations. I love the stories by Lewis Carrol, as well as the 1951 animated Disney movie, but this is something totally different. Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is a mixture of a re-imagining and a sequel, telling the story of Alice Kingsleigh (Mia Wasikowska) returning to Underland (who she falsely called Wonderland last time) by the age of 19, thinking the memory of her last visit had just been a bad dream. Underland has been destroyed by the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter), the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) finally turning entirely crazy. We meet a cracked, broken down world that is still as off the knock as Tim Burton’s and Lewis Carrol’s minds put together, and truly beautiful visually. This is definitely Helena Bonham Carter’s best role, and Anne Hathaway’s only good role, working perfectly as the Luna Lovegood-ish White Queen. Johnny Depp, one of my favorite actors of all time, is wonderful as the Mad Hatter, working both as the crazy character he uses in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Pirates of the Carribean, and the cracked man of Edward Scissorhands. I will not say that this is his best role, but close to it.

Unfortunately, I kind of expected more of the ending. What begins as a wonderful story of a lunatic girl who just doesn’t suit her own time, turns into the story that has been told too many times: Child of our time finds a gate into another world, who has choosen him/her as the one with ancient prophecies, and although our hero first hesitates, he/she finds courage, saves the kingdom and returns home with this newfound character. Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland simply falls a little too much as The Matrix meets Narnia, and although these are all great stories, he could have pulled something better off.

One final praise must go to Mia Wasikowska – this unknown but wonderful actress who simply is the perfect Alice – naïve, dreamy, and really cute. And managing being so childlike even though her boobs just almost shows in every scenes (due to her clothes being to big) is just amazing.

Film Review: Luftslottet som sprängdes / The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (2009)

The Millenium trilogy is one of the best film series of the late 2000’s, and some of the best Swedish films ever. This is definitely the best of the three films, perfectly balancing on a line between overdone and realistic violence, between epically grande and simply too long. It’s just magnificent, although I keep feeling Noomi Rapace’s character to be somewhat overdone, constantly varying between being herself and actually trying to upset in the sense of an emo kid. I know what they are grabbing for, and I know how hard it is to pull off, but sometimes it’s too much (and I definitely think this is more of a script fault than Rapace’s talents).

Film review: Avatar (2009)

A pretty good movie, but nothing special. Pretty much it is a failed attempt to a new classic epic: Some parts feel overdone and overemphasised, like the long intro and the final scenes. On the other hand, what’s left is good. Truly worth seeing.

Ubuntu 10.04 BETA

Currently trying out the Ubuntu 10.04 beta, and it’s really nice. Better graphics, quicker boot time, more chats in one with Empathy… simply better than 9.10. The only flaw is that Firefox now comes with Yahoo as the standard search engine, not Google, but that’s easily configured.