Futurama 6ACV19 ”Ghost in the Machines” tonight

The third episode of this broadcast season of Futurama is airing tonight in the US at 10. For all the rest of us, it will be up around half an hour later on wherever. If you still haven’t seen the previous episodes of this season, view them now, ”Neutopia” and ”Benderama”. For those of you who haven’t seen it at all, shame on you. Get the first season here or here.

Hjälp SMBC

Den fantastiska webbserien SMBC känns som om den blir mer och mer skeptisk för varje dag. I dagens stripp tar de an Gud och Teodicéproblemet (”om Gud är allsmäktig och god, varför finns ondska i världen?”).

När jag ändå nämner SMBC vill jag också uppmuntra er till att stöjda deras nya projekt, en vidareutveckling av deras YouTube-serie SMBC Theater, som släpper riktigt bra humorsketcher varje vecka. Jag donerade precis $2, och det finns fortfarande mycket att göra. Kasta till dem en dollar eller mer, de förtjänar det. Läs mer här, där du också kan se några av deras mest populära videoklipp.

Ericsson talar ut om upphovsrätt och pirater

Allt fler respektabla entrepenörer börjar tala ut om IT-eran och vad den erbjuder oss – och viktigare, vad den skulle kunna erbjuda oss om inte så många krampaktigt ville hålla fast vid gamla principer.

Nu har Rene Summer på Ericsson gått ut med en artikel på ämnet – ”The single digital market: a vision for Europe” – där han diskuterar att fildelning i sig inte är problemet, utan det är en bieffekt av hur dåligt många upphovsrättsinnehavare skött IT-eran.

”Under current legislation, a single market for digital content remains elusive. The failure to adequately supply legal digital content is a growing problem – not only for consumers, but also for rights holders.”

”By clinging to outdated business methods such as windowing and territoriality, economic-rights holders are in fact creating the consumer behavior against which they so violently protest.”

Allt fler börjar inse att IT-eran inte är ett problem, det är en enorm möjlighet, både för konsumenter och för företag. Det handlar bara om att använda det rätt, och alla kan vinna. Att klamra sig fast vid metoder som att försöka skrämma bort kunderna från de nya möjligheterna, kommer bara att skjuta upp det oundvikliga – en stor kostnad för att anpassa sig. Vissa företag kommer att falla allvarligt, visst, men vid alla revolutioner kommer det att finnas offer.

Satsa inte på att inte falla, satsa på att vinna.


I’ve started stargazing these past weeks. Stellarium, Wikipedia and Google are the best tools for most things, it seems. I’ve been seeing some cool stars and planets.

I think I spent the past ten minutes staring at Arcturus, but I’m a newbie, so don’t quote me on that. Some weird, really giant star with a huge, reddish corona is starting to appear in the east, though.

Song of the day: Baba Brinkman – Darwin’s Acid

Baba Brinkman – Darwin’s Acid

In 1859 Darwin spilled the first splashes
Of his universal acid, and the effects were like magic
Burning human arrogance into ashes
In exactly the same way that Copernican math did
No, the stars don’t shine just to improve the view from earth
No, we’re not the centre of the universe
No, we weren’t created in the image of Jupiter
No, we’re not so special, and yes, the truth hurts
But that’s how evolution works – once it’s been applied
The acid burns into the superstitious side
Of the human mind, and fills it with light
It even dissolves the original sin of pride
The pride that says: “I’m a special creation
And my creator has given me dominion over nature
And he has the power to replenish his creatures
So if species go extinct, he can recreate them later
And if he doesn’t, well that’s just part of his plan”
Ah, but Darwin’s acid is hard to withstand
It plucks the arrogance deep from within the hearts of man
And teaches us never to build our houses on sand
But instead to try to understand why we’re here
One species among millions in this biosphere
Each with millions of ancestors, whose fighting spirits
Combined to give us this great survival gear
These minds, these limbs, these incredible tools
Perfected by millennia of competitive use
And yes, these attention-seeking genitals too
Without them, these living forms could never improve
It’s such an elegant view, full of breadth and grandeur
And yet, some people react with depression and anger
Like: “It’s so unsympathetic, so viciously random!
What’s the point of compassion, or ethical standards?
If this is just a game that organisms are trapped in
Genetically adapting to environmental factors
Then there’s no responsibility for individual actions!
Where’s the governing dynamic?!?”
Well, once again Darwin gives us some answers
He says yes, everything from violence to violets to viruses
Consists of organisms adapting to environments
If you’re alive, it’s because your ancestors were the best survivalists
They were the finalists in the genetic Olympic Games
Every one of your ancestors lived to reproductive age
And they were all better than their competitors at getting laid
Otherwise, you wouldn’t be sitting here today
There’s something inspirational in this vision of Darwin’s
And it goes like this: organisms – like us – are not isolated
Organisms are part of an environmental mix
So your decisions affect evolution – it isn’t directionless
Now, before you dismiss me as a mad environmentalist
Just try to imagine how natural selection applies
To countries that have industrialized
Companies live and companies die
And when customers buy based on a company’s green plan
That affects the economy, just ask Alan Greenspan
Cultural evolution is ours to reinvent
Wait, can we affect current events? Yes We Can
And when we choose who to sleep with and reproduce
Our sexual choices affect the gene pool
So it’s simple, all we need to do is refuse
To sleep with mean people, and things will improve
Especially women – on you the pressure is greater
‘Cause men will always do what it takes to get into your favour
That’s just in our nature, so if selfish behaviour
Was a sexual graveyard, the effects would be major!
In each of these cases, our intentional efforts
Can play the part of environmental pressures
I can say: “This is a space where a peaceful existence
Will never be threatened by needless aggression”
I can say: “This is an ecosystem where people listen
Where justice increases over egotism
This is a space where religions achieve co-existence
And racism decreases with each coalition”
This is my vision of Darwinism, and how we all factor in
Each of us is a part of the environment; we pass through it
And change it, and affect the way that others adapt to it
And after we get to look back and see how we impacted it
And maybe have a laugh if our sense of humour is still alive
And what did Charles Darwin do? Darwin threw some light
On the origin of mankind, and he left us with skewered pride
But he taught us that, yes, there’s grandeur in this view of life

“There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one, and that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning, endless forms most beautiful, and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.”
Charles Darwin, Origin of Species

Dream #18: Theory

I had a giant web of lines, which when put together correctly formed what looked like DNA strings. I first formed them all in a multilayer DNA string, and then differentiated them to make hundreds of strings, all looking the same. Someone came up to me and yelled at me for ”destroying the proof”. She said that the point of the web and the DNA string it formed, was to show the strength of a well-grounded theory like that of evolution. She said that  while multiple, relatively weak strings can easily be picked apart, no one can destroy one, strong evidence that has been formed and put together by multiple smaller evidences over time.

I realised that I was a god-like creature, created by man to help them fully understand the evidence for evolution.

Quote of the Day #23

”[Stephen Hawking] made a comment that often Physics departments are on the 13th floor of whatever building they’re in because physicists never care about that kind of thing.”

David X. Cohen [1]