Nightwish – Imaginaerum (2011) track by track first listen review

While Nightwish’ new album Imaginaerum is set for a November 30, 2011 release, for some reason my preordered edition arrived early in the mail, and I got the chance to listen to it right away. So I made som hot cocoa, light up some candles and popped the CD in. Here goes with my first thoughts […]

Chinese word of the day #1: 圆珠笔

Studying Chinese every hour of every day leads to some words getting stuck and constantly repeating themselves in my head – especially since some word really sound funny to say, or since some words have extremely cool characters or origins. The word of the day, that has been repeating in my head for the past […]

”Storytime” review

The new Nightwish track ”Storytime” is finally out. The single can be bought or downloaded, and the video can be viewed on YouTube (the video version of the song is shortened by a minute and twenty seconds, with parts of the intro and the symphonic section removed). The song is surprisingly good, both melodic and interesting, […]

Updating shared deck in Anki (the complicated but as far as I know only way)

After having used Anki for about two months, primarily for my Chinese studies, I have discovered an annoying inconvenience – decks that are uploaded by one user and downloaded by another can’t be updated  by the downloader without erasing and replacing the deck. In other words – if I update one of my decks (like ”Additional […]