Chinese word of the day #3: 巧克力

Few moments in class have been as fun as when we were first introduced to this word – the two contestants that come to mind are: when we had to keep repeating the word 白色 (bái sè, ”white”) over and over again and everyone tried not to laugh as it sounds exactly like the Swedish […]

The death of another great man – Christopher Hitchens

In spite of some terrible opinions on the Iraq war, Christopher Hitchens will always remain in my heart as one of our time’s greatest journalist, and a man who could speak his mind without caring for the consequences. An atheist who gave power to all of us, and who showed us what could be in […]

Chinese word of the day #2: 希望

Variation certainly helps in learning new characters (and to a lesser extent also words) in Chinese – it is much easier to mix together two words that sound alike or two characters than look alike, than it is to forget about a word that is absolutely unique. There are several examples in Chinese of characters […]