Paulo Coelho destroys piracy myths

Writer Paulo Coelho has yet again expressed his positive opinions on file sharing, now more than ever before, in a recent blog post. ”As an author, I should be defending ‘intellectual property’, but I’m not. Pirates of the world, unite and pirate everything I’ve ever written!” Coelho is right on every point he makes in the […]

Chinese idiom of the day: 噤若寒蝉 – as quiet as a cicada in winter

When thinking of Chinese turns of phrase or idioms, 噤若寒蝉 (jìnruòhánchán) is probably of the type that springs to mind. It literally means ”as silent as a cicada in winter”. Comparisons with plants or insects (like the cikada) is fairly sterotypical of East Asian languages like Chinese and Japanese, while they’re practically non-existent in most Western […]