The Beautiful Cosmos: Aurora borealis from space

This is an amazing picture taken by the good folk at the International Space Station (ISS) earlier in February. Moving at such a great speed, the ISS crew experiences a total of 16 Earth dawns every day, constantly catching up with the Earth time zones. The green and blue lights at the Earth horizon is […]

Life, part 2: Six months of Chinese studies

As I’m writing this it’s hard to imagine six months have passed already since I first walked into a Chinese class at Linköping University. It feels like an eternity has passed since I first decided to study the language, about a year ago, and applied for the program. I was nightmarishly late for my very […]

Back on the net was down Monday through Thursday but is finally up again. Apparantly it was a misunderstanding between my hosting brother and the web hosting service, but everything is now back on track again. It got me scared though, especially considering I had forgotten to backup my blog for quite some time. was down Monday through […]

Find the lost Soviet mission on Mars

Nancy Atkinson writes on Universe Today of the lost Soviet Mars 6 lander, which crashed on the surface on Mars in 1974, and has been lost for almost forty years now, until… it can now perhaps be found. The high resolution picture below shows the area where the lander supposedly crashed, and the High Resolution […]

Scientific misconduct, its problems and its solutions

There’s no denying that the current scientific institution has some great flaws, but that’s not to say it should be thrown out or replaced by some pseudoscientific alternative. The very core of science holds up by its very nature, and most scientists agree that the current flaws should be exterminated. The one solution that we […]

The purpose of this blog

When I started blogging in October 2006, now five and a half years ago (then at, I had no idea what the purpose of this blog would be. I still have no idea, even if it might be at least a tad clearer today. When I first started blogging, I was fourteen years old, […]

Pioneer One – hur en serie klarar sig tack vare internet

Jag upptäckte en ny serie – Pioneer One. Ännu en grupp som utnyttjar internet till att sprida någonting de annars aldrig kunde ha producerat, i detta fall en TV-serie helt släppt via torrenter, YouTube och deras webbsida. En CC-licens (som i grund och botten tillåter vem som helst att sprida den) gör spridningen ännu större. […]

De intressantaste motionerna till Ung Pirats förbundskongress 2012

Nu har jag gått igenom samtliga motioner till Ung Pirats förbundskongress 2012, och jag slänger in mina två cent om de intressantaste motionerna. Kommentera gärna egna åsikter, vare sig de är med eller mot mig – anledningen till denna post är både att influera andra och att få höra kritik! 05. Medborgarskap till alla! Motionen […]