Few writers have been as prolific to me as Ray Bradbury. He was alongside just a few others in making me start reading properly, start truly enjoying literature and for that matter all media of culture. He was alongside just a few others in making me start make up stuff, start write my own stories and produce my own worlds.

Now he is dead.

I cried for a long time when I got the news last night. I wanted to blog, to express my thoughts and feelings towards this great man, but I couldn’t form any words. A few hours later it struck me again and I started crying again.

When I was around 10-11 my father introduced me to the short story collection ”The Illustrated Man”, a series of science fiction stories with an overarching theme. Among them were stories of traveling to Mars, which still today inspire me to study astronomy. Among them were stories of death and pain, which still today inspire my poetry and storytelling, not to mention my overarching life philosophy.

Ray Bradbury was an amazing author, and he was a fantastic human being. I will always love him dearly, and I will forever miss him, and feel the void he left in this world.

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