Daily Report #2

I and my mom had a councellor meeting in school this morning. In swedish we started with grammar, in english I started a ghost story we’re going to write the next lessons, and I’m to tired to remember anything else from school today… After school I bought two mangas; Love Hina #14 and Naruto #3. […]

My Chemical Romance – Black Parade

I just received My Chemical Romance’s newest album, Black Parde. My Chemical Romance is a great band, and I really recommend both the band and this album. The greatest track so far is the single; Welcome To The Black Parade. I love it. Other songs by My Chemical Romance that i love is for example […]

Film Review: Inside Man

Tonight I finished my review of action film Inside Man which I wrote for english at school. An ingenious bank robbery. A hostal situation. The greatest success of the year. American film INSIDE MAN of 2006 describes a genial gang of bank robber’s robbery of Exchange Place 20 bank at Manhattan, US. As the robbery […]