Blog Tagging

Blog tag is a contagious virus which has soon infected the whole blogosphere. When you are tagged, you have to write five not well-known facts about yourself and then tag five other bloggers. Assuming that there are 55 million bloggers out there (data from Technorati), everyone will have been tagged after twelve generations. Hurry up!

I got tagged by Tim.


  1. I’m fourteen years old.
  2. I have got black hair since spring 2006.
  3. I am a great fan of supernatural experiences such as UFOs, spirits telekinesis.
  4. I have a several times been about to kill myself, but I haven’t had the power to do so.
  5. Tim, who tagged me, is my brother.

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  • Tim

    Come on, you copied my text to the word. Also, you’ve got to tag five bloggers yourself now.