In today’s copy of Extra Östergötland (an Ostrogothian daily newspaper) in the technology part (I always find it interesting hearing about the new trends and new ideas in IT and other technology), the biggest story had the title ”Still Blogging? That is sooooo 2007!”.

Okay, I have never cared for trends, NEVER. I dress the way I think looks good and is comfortable, I play the computer games I like, watch the movies I like etcetera. And I try not to react to hard on the damn kids following every 1000 euro  fashion trend, but this frustrates me. Who the hell cares that it’s not cool to blog? I don’t blog to be famous or cool, I blog cause I need somewhere to react and show what I feel for certain things – like a diary – and because it’s always good to have a backup with all your school projects on, if I lose my computer for example. And then again, things like showing something to my friends – just send them a link to the page on your blog where it is.

I don’t care if it’s ”sooo 2007” to blog, I have never cared. I don’t care for trends, so shut up.

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