Welcome to another new theme of the website! I think this one is all the more easier to read, especially now that I’ve been writing a lot more posts in the past few months.

This blog has slowly moved from covering all kinds of topics, to basically focusing on two – science and politics. When it comes to science, the most common theme is astronomy, and when it comes to politics, it’s almost exclusively pirate ideology. In my opinion, this is awesome. I have always wanted to have a more focused blog, and it’s wonderful to see it organically move into a well put arc. I tried to sum everything up in a piffy tagline, but failed. I finally ended up with ”Your daily fix of space pandas”, referencing my new header and my absolute love for the red panda (Ailurus fulgens).

I still haven’t solved the problem of writing almost all political posts in Swedish, and almost all other posts in English. I consider creating a second blog especially for politics, but that might just make me end up with two rarely updated blogs. I suppose time will tell.

PS. In writing this post, I googled ”pirate ideology” to find a good summary for those less into it. I ended up going with the link to Falkvinge’s blog as seen above, but I also realised that the term is not at all as used as I thought. My own blog even appeared as the fifth result. Is there some other term for the ideology of the Pirate Parties? DS.

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