Apparently NASA is now trying to get the moon landing site, known as Tranquility Base, registered in the National Register of Historic Places. If this succeeds, it might in turn be nominated to the UNESCO World Heritage List, which lists properties ”forming part of the cultural and natural heritage which the World Heritage Committee considers as having outstanding universal value.” In short, it would keep the site safe from human destruction.

The problem with the landing sites on the moon is that while all items left behind (like spacecrafts and the American flag) are the property of the state that sent them there, the sites themselves are not. NASA mentions as an example the famous first foot steps on the moon, and the concept of future tourists wanting to try them out themselves.

As many journalists point out, we are a far way away from tourism on the moon (tourism to space isn’t quite as far away), but why not start planning now? We’re getting there.

The Mary SueGeeks Are Sexy – Washington Post
Picture of Buzz Aldrin at Tranquility Base, by Neil Armstrong. In the public domain.

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