Once Upon a Time

”Once Upon a Time” was my first step towards fulfilling my 2013 goal of trying ten new board games. In the game, the players take turns in telling a story, taking help from cards with words like ”hidden”, ”crown”, ”secret” and ”wolf”. Each player has an ending card, with a Läs mer

Gul Jod

Lots of stuff are happening. I’ve become the secretary for the board of the Swedish Pirate Party (starting after New Year’s). I have lots of school stuff, with two exams in January. And, lots of other stuff. Christmas was just a few days ago and in two days New Year’s Läs mer

Ett dilemma

Min vän Torbjörn Wester har hamnat i ett väldigt intressant dilemma. Det är häftigt hur snabbt debatten kring ”det enda rätta svaret” blivit extremt polariserad, med starka anhängare på bägge sidor. Efter vad jag sett har den sida en argumentör hamnat på inte heller haft någonting att göra med ens Läs mer

One year with Anki

On August 22, 2011, I first downloaded and started using Anki, an amazing (and free!) program for studying just about anything. I’ve primarily used it for my Chinese studies, but I’ve also used it for remembering science constants, math equations, birthdays, geography (at least I tried) and a lot more. Läs mer