As you may see, I’ve started writing a collection of psalms. As of now, I have written two in this further series of psalms. My plan is to write quite a lot of these, and have them as a series I call ”Psalms”. I would really love every comment you Läs mer

Psalm Number 2

Psalms is a project I am working on, a collection of poems named “Psalm Number …â€? in cronological order.   you’re forever mine and I’m forever yours thanks to a promise fifteen years ago we have to stand in line never that I need to stand in line no-one controls Läs mer

Psalm Number 1

Psalms is a project I am working on, a collection of poems named ”Psalm Number …” in cronological order. please just leave me walk away before I break another heart Since my youth, since the start I’ve been playing with emotions every lover of mine is gone forever lost in Läs mer

Story: Nattamat

This is a story i wrote in July 2006. Observe it is in Swedish. And YES i will start writing in English! Han sÃ¥g upp mot himlen, sökte genom den. Han visste hur natten skulle sluta, han hade hört SMHI:s rapporter. FullmÃ¥nen blänkte tillbaka pÃ¥ hans panna och sken upp Läs mer

Daily Report #2

I and my mom had a councellor meeting in school this morning. In swedish we started with grammar, in english I started a ghost story we’re going to write the next lessons, and I’m to tired to remember anything else from school today… After school I bought two mangas; Love Läs mer

Daily Report #1

Since we recently had one week of vacation from school, I’m now going to bed late and going up next morning nothing but tired. I went to school just as tired and had a development talk in the afternoon, had the best grade in swedish and english. After school, I Läs mer

Damn Salesmen

What’s the problem about all these salesmen that calls on the worst times? At a friday night when everyone watches TV with family, early in the morning, at work (!)… The list of improper times are infinite. I just can’t find out what they are thinking. I woke up this Läs mer