I was opening the door to check if my cat wanted to come inside, when I saw it. SNOW! white, wonderful SNOW! It’s snowing! Last year, it didn’t start snowing till the end of December. Oh dear, how I love snow… Right now I’m working on my english essay, a Läs mer


DAMN IT! I just want to kill anyone around me. Earlier today, I tried posting the longest blog post ever on Aki’s Blog, just to get the answer that the server didn’t respond. Aki’s Blog was currently down. Therefore, the entire message was destroyed. -.- I’m really upset right now.


I’ve recently realised that I am adicted to Supertux. Supertux is an open source Linux version of the classical game Super Mario, with a penguin instead of Mario. The game can be downloaded for free and it works fine at not only Linux, but also Windows.