What religion should I choose?

I have always been shifting religion. The larger part of my life, I have been either a Protestant or a Catholist, but there are lots of parts about the Christian religions that I don’t like, such as the hate against homosexuals and so on.

I’m thinking of continuing obeying the Circism, a religion which I founded in spring 2006. The basic is that every animal (human and other) has got the exact same amount of karma, and therefore is as much worth. From the beginning, off course. Then, future choices and events decides the final karma (like in Buddhism). In circism, it is not allowed to kill another creature just for fun, but hunting is OK, if it is planned to use the animal in ways such as eating it or using the fur. Also, there is no god, but a Holy Spirit, which always surround us and judges our karma after the death. The logo, which is shown below, stands for the reincarnational circle, and the Holy Spirit which controls it all from inside. Find more information at circism.mangaworld.se



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  1. Christianity is not opposed homosexuality. Your choice should not depend on whether you like it or not, but on what you believe.

  2. Christianity is not directly opposed homosexuality, but acting homosexual actions (like thinking \”bad thoughts\” about other people of the same gender, or by having sex with those), is sinning.

    It is hard to believe in a world with so many religions. And I don\’t believe in a good god who prefer some people before others.


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