I almost missed it last year, and I almost missed it this year too – congratulations Wikipedia on your 11th birthday! Wikipedia is gradually becoming a big girl, with over 20 000 000 articles in total, and close to 4 000 000 articles on the English version alone.[1]

Take this time of year to remember that Wikipedia is one of the world’s largest websites, and it is run entirely thanks to the kindness of its users through donations. To celebrate all Wikipedia is constantly doing to humanity, send them a buck or two. Never force Wikipedia to start using advertisement, actively corrupting its purpose.

Oh, and you can actually Flattr Wikipedia too. While Wikipedia has no Flattr account themselves (as part of their no-advertisement-policy), there’s a Flattr account owned by Flattr, that collects flattrs each month and actively donates it all to Wikipedia – the end result being the exact same that would come from Wikipedia having their own account.

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