I woke up this morning and had a big fight with my parents, telling me that I was just skipping school. I am actually sick, but no-one believed me… well, mum checked to see if I had fever for about an hour ago, and I had. So that’s it, at last she believes me…

Then I cleaned a bit in the kitchen, cleaned my room and chatted a bit on the computer. I ate deep frozen pizza and read till page 207 in Lord of The Flies. I have to finish the entire book, 267 pages, till friday. Then I studied some biology (as I have said in another blog entry, I have a great test this friday) and drew a picture of my brother Tim. Then I tried to draw a picture of my girlfriend, Emmy, but failing. Then I drew a picture of an punkrockgirl holding a flag with the symbol of Anarchy, standing beside a grave. Then we ate dinner. That’s basically my day.


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