Questions and answers on DNA. Quite boring reading, I know, but it might help someone I guess.

– What is DNA?
The DNA of an organism is the material showing its heredity. The DNA is mostly located in the cell nucleus, packed in chromosones, but can also be found in the mitochondria.

– What is the composition of DNA?
The building blocks of DNA are called nucleotides, and are made up of a phosphate group, a sugar group and four nitrogen bases. These are linked in order to build what looks like a  stair. The four nitrogen groups alternates on each step, as do sugar and phosphate; in other words will the composition on four steps in a row be sugar – nitrogen 1, phosphate – nitrogen 2, sugar – nitrogen 3, phosphate – nitrogen 4.

– What are the properties of DNA?
DNA is used to produce proteins, which are very important to an organism as it does most work within it. That the DNA can replicate itself results in new strands of DNA often showing up.

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