I was calling my mum, standing on an open area in a farthen city, I think it was UmeÃ¥ (a city in Sweden). I had been travelling there by train, and I told my mum that I thought it was 411 Swedish miles (4110 kilometers) to UmeÃ¥ from Linköping (where I live). I also told her that I earlier that day travelled to Stockholm, which somehow was 209 Swedish miles. I think I meant kilometers; there’s about 200 kilometers between Linköping and Stockholm. Mum told me that Lord Ingo and Phoebe (some IRC pals to me and Tim) was at our place, they and Tim was about to install a Wii console, that just arrived. I screamed in the cell phone that I was going home to play immediatly, but then I woke up. And the first thing I thought, before I truly woke up, was ”Shit, it’s a schoolday! I don’t have time to travel all the way home today”.


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