I, Emmy, dad and my cat Sushi was professional spyes. We were hired of someone who was - due to him – accused of a bank robbery. Though, he wanted us to take away the suspicions on this man by revealing another man’s obsession towards children pornography.

By night, we went into his house, as the family who lived there. The radio was turned on, so Emmy asked if we could turn it off. I said no, but one minute later I did it myself. I was kind of a leader there. We also ate ribs of bone, and had the lefts in our pockets so there wouldn’t be any traces of us.

We made it to the suspects room, and checked through photographs (trying to find children pornography there), as we heard the family coming home. We paniced and hid. I hid in the teenager of the family’s room. After a while, this teenagers step into the room. First, he stared at me. Then he stared at my flashing shoehorn. Then I knocked him over, screamed to the others to come, and ran down the stairs. Downstairs, by the door, we met the mother in the family, who asked who we were. ”Thiefs” I answered. She shouted to her husband as we put on our clothes. We then stepped outside, cool as cucumbers, and went home.

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