Dream: Failing random generation

Weird dream. Very weird dream.

For some reason, I was at the entry of the most luxurous casino of Las Vegas. I had imagined you had to be really welldressed, welthy or whatever to enter, but when I reached the door, the guard just asked me one question: ”Can you randomly generate three different number?”

I was shocked. ”That’s easy”, I thought, and said the numbers 3, 12 and 26.

Within moments I was grabbed from behind, dragged down in the dirt and suddenly I had handcufs and a blindfold. I lost conciousness and woke up minutes later in a cold prison cell with great metallic bars. Apparantly the cell was placed not far from the entry, because I saw the people passing through the gates, after being asked the question and after successfully generating three random numbers.

When I woke up I spent the entire bike ride to school (about twenty minutes) thinking about the dream, realising it’s impossible to generate a random number for a human being as a human’s thoughts are constantly bombarded by feelings and associations.

For example, the numbers I unconciously choose (3, 12, 26) are all low numbers (humans takes lower numbers since it’s harder thinking of higher ones), and they are in order by size. I don’t exactly know why this is, but I often happen to choose numbers in size. Probably it’s because I think ”oh, that’s not high enough, I unconsiously choose low numbers so I have to try a bit higher”.

I can’t wait until I start reading the discrete course of maths.

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