This was truly an awful dream.

We were having something like a wedding or similar. Anyway, my entire family was gathered. Suddenly, I started bashing my great grandmother Britta’s head into the wall. She got dizzy, and everyone stared at me, without taking actions. Suddenly, she fainted, and my mom helped her get to a bench to sit on. I was related to everyone as I am, but my name was Mohammad, and not Anton. Britta pointed at me, and her eyes were blurry and red/pink. She cried to my mom to get me out of there. She was upset, but told me to go out of the room. No-one at all in the large crowd reacted, they just stood there. I watched Britta and mom, standing together with two younger cousins of mine. Britta at last died. She’s an old woman, 86.
”Am I going to jail?” I asked my cousins.
”Yes”, the older one said.
”At least eight years” the other said.

Then I woke up, crying, still believing i had killed her. It took about three minutes before i realised it was a dream.

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