I recently saw the comparison that sending unencrypted e-mails is like sending letters without an envelope. And so I was finally convinced to try it, after hearing about it for years but considering it too much trouble for a little extra security.

It turns out that after installing and configuring the system (which wasn’t that much of a hassle), I barely notice a difference, except that I can feel safe that I and the recipient are the only ones reading the e-mails. I use the Enigmail add-on on Thunderbird on Ubuntu, but there appears to be lots of different variations depending on your needs. I used this Enigmail quick-start guide, but I also found this one which appears slightly more user-friendly. If you’re using Gmail on Firefox, check out this extension.

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2 kommentarer på “Encrypt your e-mails!”

  1. Or you could use an email client like TrulyMail so you don’t need to use extensions in order to get free encryption services. Might just be me but I’m not crazy about adding a lot of stuff to make something work – I prefer it to simply do what I want when I get it.

    1. It’s not about making it work, it’s about adding something extra. I think it’s a good thing it’s an option, seeing as so many don’t want to encrypt their e-mails. As long as it’s easy to add, why not?


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