As some readers may know I like playing and composing music, mainly through keyboard, and I’ve released a number of demos through the music site throughout the years, both as Hopes Were High (a now dead project turned band) and as Quispiam, my current solo project.

With the upcoming Quispiam album ”As Autumn Leaves Decay”, on which I’m currently working, I’m concentrating a lot more, bringing much better music and focusing more on getting it out there. It is still my project, and I have written all the music and lyrics, and I record all instruments on my own, but I am currently negotiating with several different vocalists to guest on the album, as well as a cover artist to produce the cover to both the album and the eventual single that would preceed it. I have also signed on to a so called ”digital record label”, a company which helps me bring my music to  iTunes and Spotify among other online services. This is already happening in the next few weeks with my old Quispiam album ”The Flight of the Last Raven”.

What’s more, I have created both a Facebook page and a website for the project. On the Facebook page, you can currently follow smaller updates (finished tracks, minor reveals) and on the website you can read more about the bigger updates.

When the album comes out, it will be made available both for free downloading (through the site, and torrents), on Spotify and to buy digitally through iTunes.

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