Egyptian blogger Alber Saber Ayyad ran a Facebook page for atheists, until a neighbour found out. After word spread of Alber’s activism, a mob formed around his house (video). When police arrived, Alber was arrested for the crime of insulting Islam.

Little seems to be known of what’s happened to Alber since his arrest, but there have been reports of other inmates attacking him with razor blades after the guards told them his crime. Alber’s mother released the following statement yesterday (September 19):

My son has been tortured for 3 days in jail. Alber is being tortured. Lawyers left the case after receiving death threats. Police broke into her home and took all the document without a warrant. No lawyer wants to represent Alber after lawyers received death threats. D.A asked Alber about his religion and if he performs religious rituals. Only Christians get sentenced for blasphemy in Egypt. The angry mob tried to break in and kill us. The angry mob threatened to burn the house and the nearby church. Alber’s face had many marks of beating and neck bleeding. Police and DA have asked me what is my and Alber’s religion. Alber friends and organizations trying to help have received many threats.

Internet petitions are generally useless, but they sometimes do have an effect, and they’re not much work. Please take a moment to sign this.

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