When it comes to the increased spreading of information that has been possible thanks to the coming of the Internet in the early 1990’s, two websites come to mind – Google and Wikipedia. Google as a giant search engine, and Wikipedia as a colossal, everchanging encyclopedia of information. And while both certainly have hundreds of competitors, and even though neither were first on the net with the idea, they are both at the top of their trade.

What constantly surprises me about Wikipedia is how excellent it has managed to stay in so many ways. The English version of Wikipedia (the biggest) is as reliable as any peer-reviewed newspaper or fact book, or even more so thanks to it constantly being updated. Wikipedia has also managed to relay entirely on donations and thus entirely skip on showing advertisement on the site, nor paying for the services (read more). It is important that Wikipedia can stay free, so that every human with an Internet connection can take in free information, and that the encyclopedia can stay without having to take sides politically when it comes to sponsors. If you agree with me, please take a moment off and donate to the site.

Wikipedia has made extremely large changes to our world in the relatively short time of ten years, and I hope it will stay another ten years. Thank you.

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