Hellsongs – Lounge

Hellsongs is a Swedish lounge metal band, with Lounge being their debut EP.

I crashed into the band as I was going on a concert with a friend of mine (Eavie) in Stockholm on December 1, 2006. The band we were looking for were Navid Modiri & Gudarna, a quite unknown Swedish reggae group.

There were two bands playing before Navid started, a feministic singer only singing about how all men stinks, and HELLSONGS. The band didn’t seem that good until they started playing; Harriet Ohlsson, the lead singer doesn’t seem to be as good as she actually is. And they started. The idea of Hellsongs is playing classical heavy metal songs in another adaption; the songs are made calmer, resulting in the genre calm cover metal / lounge metal. And even though I wasn’t much of a heavy metal freak by that time (I’m not so sure anymore…), I recognized all the six songs, especially – ofcourse – their fan favorite, a cover of Iron Maiden’s song Run to the Hills. Ofcourse, this song is now as well my favorite with the band…

Hellsongs played six songs on the concert, the very same and in the very same order as they were listed in the EP (Lounge) that I bought signed right after the show. The track listing is Seek & Destroy, Paranoid, Breaking the Law, Run to the Hills, Jump and Orgasmatron. I’m truly waiting for their next release.

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