This moment, I was checking a blog and saw a usual error, which I see all the time. The hexagram is an ancient symbol meaning either God or Satan. If the star points up, the meaning is God and Christianity. Otherwise, the meaning is Satan, and Satanism. Many wannabe-satanists do this normal mistake, and uses the symbol of God. It’s a lot of fun pointing out this mistake. :D Anyway, the satanic symbol is the one i drew here:



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6 kommentarer på “Hexagram”

  1. That’s not a hexagram. It’s a pentagram. Hex for 6, pent for 5. And no, it’s the right way up on the blog, as per the Witchcraft roleplaying sourcebook. And we’re not wannabe satanists, or wannabe anythings, actually. We’re just roleplayers. If you want to know why it’s that way around, check out the book we got the image from.

  2. Oops, pentagram *.

    I didn’t call you guys wannabe Satanists, I just said that it’s a normal mistake within these subcultures. Ofcourse, people aren’t directly Satanists for using pentagrams. They have a lot of meanings.

  3. actually, Aki, on your comment on the Thurteem blog you said ”I guess you ment (sic) to make the Satanic symbol”

    So yes, i would say you did presume as such.

  4. moonflake: That was due to the other pics on the logo; a wolf, an anarchy symbol, dices, lots of occult and ”evil” symbols. But that doesn’t make you inte worshipers of Satan.

  5. dice are now a symbol of the occult? What next? Silly putty?

    As I said on my other comment (which you have neglected to moderate and allow to be posted) we are roleplayers – all the images in the banner come from roleplaying systems such as CJ Carella’s WitchCraft, White Wolf’s Werewolf, White Wolf’s Vampire (the ”anarchy” symbol is the Brujah clan sign in that system) etc, etc.

    Moderate my other comments so that other people can see the link that i provided to the source of the pentacle.

  6. I deleted the other comment because it only offended me, and had the exact same information that Synkronos’ had. Therefore, I choosed Synkronos’. I have understood the fact that you’re roleplayers and so on, I just told you why I thought you meant to draw a pentagram. And yes, the dices are a symbol for evilness, due to the adictness of gambling and so on.

    But hey, do we have to fight about this?


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