Tonight I finished my review of action film Inside Man which I wrote for english at school.

An ingenious bank robbery. A hostal situation. The greatest success of the year. American film INSIDE MAN of 2006 describes a genial gang of bank robber’s robbery of Exchange Place 20 bank at Manhattan, US. As the robbery evolves into an hostal situation, New York police starts to figure out that this is no ordinary bank robbery, it’s an attempt to unfold a sixty years old crime from the war. Starring Clive Owen as the bright bandit Dalton Russell, Denzel Washington as detective Keith Frazier and Jodie Foster as the powerful politician Madeleine White, this film is directed by experiences Spike Lee. It seems to unfold a new subgenre of action-thriller films; I’v never liked action movies before but truly loved this one. I’ve never found any other action film with this kind of superb storyline and realistic played characters. Talking about the realistic part; I didn’t fins any special effects at all, but the stunts, which weren’t overused at all, which I would expect from an action film. The most stunts used part was when the hostages were forced to wear this special costumes, and a man took his mask off, just because he didn’t want to “play their silly game�. The consequence was Dalton Russell beating him to death. The man’s stunts just looked silly and not to trained.The film aren’t using to much different settings; there are the bank, the crowd gathered outside and the police station, including some minor ones. The viewer don’t really see much of the bank even though most of the time is spent there, the entire scenes are quite dark and the director seems to have focused especially at the characters. In the second most used scene, the crowd, the characters are incredible. Every one of these scenes are a parody of the New York social lives and the many different cultures. In one scene, the police is bugging the robbers and realizing they are speaking an unknown, middle Europe language. Detective Frazier decides to transmit the voice through the loudspeakers to ask the crowd to say what language it is. When another police asks “Why do you think anyone would know that?�, he answers “This is New York. Someone gotta know it�.The robbery appears to be much more than what is seemed at first. Dalton’s gang is shown to break into the bank just so that the bank owner’s, Mr. Case’s old crime, betraying Jews to the Nazis, will be revealed to the media and police. Meanwhile, Case, who understand what is happening, tries to make politician Madeleine White to stop the robbery before Dalton success.Different from other action movies, Inside Man’s target audience is not fifteen years old boys, it’s rather ages around twenty-five plus. There are lots of advanced jokes and not just slapstick jokes as in many other action films. Though, the film may be seen with ignoring the jokes. Of course this is not as great, but it seems like the films is made so that everyone, not depending on their favorite humor, can watch it and enjoy. The film is excellently intelligent and it doesn’t feel like it’s focusing on car races or violence, such as other films in this genre; it is rather focusing on intelligence, which makes it into a great show. I really recommend this movie.

 *****five stars

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