I have a new project. A pretty freaking awesome project. Every fortnight I am to think up, conduct and report on a loosely scientific experiment. These experiments will sometimes be extremely basic, and they will sometimes be fairly worked through. Some will be based on existing experiments, some will be made up because I thought they would be fun. Most of these are most likely sociological experiments of some kind or another, but I will venture into some (really basic) natural science as well.

The purpose? Threefold:

  1. To practice scientific reasoning and writing.
  2. To force myself into trying lots of cool stuff I think about all the time but never try.
  3. To find out cool stuff about humanity and the universe. It’s a pretty interesting place, after all.

The first experiment should come by the weekend. The plan for this Experiment of the Week project is to keep it going until New Year, otherwise I have failed.

And yes, I know, ”Experiment of the Week” doesn’t quite work when it’s every fortnight. But I need a manageable goal, and ”Experiment of the Fortnight” doesn’t sound as cool. If I get more ideas than expected I might try for every week after all.

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