…just because.

I started my fasting yesterday. Not because I’m religious, not because I think I’m fat and wants to get thin through just skipping food for a while. No. Just because. Because I sat down and I realised, that if something happens, if I have to avoid food for one reason or another in the future, I have no idea how I’ll react. I have read about it, as part of my military training as well as personally for no reason at all. But I have never tried.

At first I wanted to skip eating for three days, starting with yesterday morning (I’d drink ofcourse). Yesterday evening, after staying only about 12 hours or so without food, I thought it wasn’t a very smart idea concidering my two next tests this week. So I ate yesterday evening, and now I’ll instead ”start it off” through not eating lunch. As I’m already not eating breakfast most of the times, that means I eat about every 23rd hour.

Again: This is not so I will get thin or to torture my body or anything stupid like that. I just want to see what happens. See how I react, get ready for the fact that I might not always be able to get food every day. I just want to see how it feels not eating all the freaking time.

I myself think it’s a good idea, anyway…

PS. This is btw the first post in my new category ”Worth trying” – I realised I’m the type of person trying exactly everything, so I think maybe I should start writing about it here. DS.

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