While I respect Isak Gerson as an intellectual, as a politician and as a human being, I still fail to see the point of the Church of  Kopimism. While I’m glad it managed to be approved as an official belief system (I don’t see why it shouldn’t), it will never have the effect on copyright laws that Isak seems to think.

Or if it does, we will face much greater challenges – if followers of Kopimism can be allowed to file share for the sole reason that it is part of their religion, masses of ill deeds can be done through the exact same logic. And it has been done before.

Speaking as a pirate and as a file sharer: the full liberation of copyright laws would never surpass the beauty of a world free from ignorance, fanaticism, superstition and religion.

Ofcourse, if the church helps in getting the pirate ideology across, good for it.

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